José Carvalhais

jose carvalhais

Position: Teacher, Coordinator & Research Partner | Faculdade de Motricidade Humana of Universidade de Lisboa

Description: PhD in Ergonomics (2005), Coordinator of the Degree in Ergonomics (since 2005). Participation in several European projects under the "Transport Ergonomics", for example, the 2-Be-Safe project (2-wheeler BEhavior and SAFEty) (2009-11), and the HUMANIST (Human Design Center for Information Society Technologies)(2004-08). Also interested in the design of the "Work Organization", in particular the issues related to the temporal aspects, being a member of the "Working Time Society" (WTS). Member of the European Association of Ergonomics (APERGO) since 1993. European Title of Ergonomist, by the "Center for Registration of European Ergonomists" (CREE) since 2005. Member of the Scientific Committee of the International Colloquium on Occupational Safety and Health - SHO since 2008.