Workspace Design

Bad workplace design is a strong problem that can be responsible for safety and health problems for the workers and loss of productivity for companies.

Within this research area, we study:

  1. We develop digital human models that integrate the anthropometric and biomechanical characteristics of the workers to be used for the development of design solutions.
  2. From a user-centered design perspective and from the knowledge of human capabilities and limitations from the anthropometric, biomechanical and cognitive points of view, we develop and evaluate design proposals that promote workers' quality of life (safety and health) and system efficiency productive.

Some developed projects in this area

  • HARSim


HARSim – Humanoide Articulation Reaction Simulation is a anthropomorphic model that integrates the anthropometrical profile of the workers or users, including the articular limitations. The model calculate the stress and strain.

Dagge, R., Filgueiras, E., Rebelo, F. (2015). HARSim: Posterior load comparative analysis process. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 9187, 33-44. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-20898-5_4


  • Benteler Project

Assembly line optimization.



  • Optimization of the seat dimensions




  • Optimization of contact surfaces for the body

superficies contact


  • Plamel Project

Seat optimization.