A Game to Promote the Awareness of the Young and Adults for the Importance of the Ergonomics, Safety and Health at Work


Francisco Rebelo


Raquel Santos, Ernesto Filgueiras, ElisanelaVilar, FilipaCarvalho

ergoshow1  06


The Ergoshow series is constituted by multimedia programs that have the objective to promote the awareness of the young and adults for safe and healthful strategies, happening from the interaction with problematic work situations. The users are confronted with problems taking place in inadequate situations of work, where they will have to learn and to give solutions for these problems. This confrontation is developed in a game with difficulty levels that must be exceeded answering a number of questions. The concepts related with, the contents, images, animation and interaction were developed in a user centred perspective, where their needs, motivations, expectations and capacities were considered. The programs have been evaluated through usability evaluations with potential users, showing good results in the motivation, easiness of learning and efficiency in the transmission of the contents of Ergonomics, Safety and Health at Work.


In this project a multimedia interactive game was developed for alerting 9 to 13 year old children to the importance of Occupational Safety and Health focusing on the following objectives:

• Making youngsters conscious of health problems, related to postural interactions with office equipment, particularly, chairs, tables and work tools.
• Making youngsters conscious of safer and healthier postural strategies, resulting form manual load handling.

The game was developed focusing on the user, and was evaluated by the children in all its development phases.

Results (Obtained or Expected)

Ergoshow game was a success, more har 4000 CD programs were sold.

Now, this game is used in schools and Universities, for teaching contents related with safety and health at work.